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Customer Reviews for Flying With Babies The Honest Truth

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Flying With Babies The Honest Truth

Someone joked that preparing to fly with a baby is like preparing for battle, only it isn’t a joke, it’s the absolute truth. And just like battle, sometimes you win, and sometimes, despite your very best efforts…you lose. Bad.
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Customer Reviews for Flying With Babies The Honest Truth
Review 1 for Flying With Babies The Honest Truth

Date:September 3, 2014
i actually thought it was pretty easy to fly home with my LO. he was 5 months at the time. and i flew home just the two of us. it was around a 16hr flight total. we are stationed in hawaii and flew to indiana. i brought ready to feed formula, so i didnt really struggle with preparing it. he slept most the entire flight, and when is was awake just wanted to see everone and what was going on ( ). but my sons also has never been a fussy or difficult baby. rarely cries... some people on the plane had babies that were crying the whole time.. i would just say keep your LO entertained.. if its patting on the arm rest, or the table that pulls down. i also carried him the entire time, and used the pull down table as an arm rest while he was sleeping.
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Review 2 for Flying With Babies The Honest Truth

Date:May 31, 2014
Great article! I wanted to add one suggestion that I learned the hard way. I was on a cross country flight with my 9 month old when he woke up from a nap with hives all over his body, and his throat was closing up! I somehow remained calm and asked the flight attendants for Benedryl (I'm sure someone would point out that you are not supposed to give this to infants, but these were desperate times...). Unfortunately, AIRLINES DO NOT CARRY BENEDRYL!! It was a new FDA thing, but the take home point for parents is when you travel on a airplane, always bring some children's Benedryl. Just in case. Thankfully, there was a doctor on board and he was able take care of my child and an emergency landing was avoided But boy, were we close. So, please pass it on - bring children's Benedryl with you.
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Review 3 for Flying With Babies The Honest Truth

Date:February 23, 2014
I just flew with my almost 5 month old. I think the hardest part was getting everything through security by myself. The flight was delayed one hour in the airport and 2 hours on the plane before we ever took off for the 6 hour flight. The advice I have it to make sure your baby is eating when landing because of the pressure on their ears. The flight attendant was so helpful and said she would hold my baby as I went to the bathroom. Number one tip is ask for help with everything and remember if it doesn't turn out like you hoped you probably won't see those people again. Be confident because you know your baby the best!
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Review 4 for Flying With Babies The Honest Truth

Date:April 11, 2013
The first time I flown by myself with a 2 and 3 yr old last year. I was flying down to meet my husband in Texas we live in Mass. The flight was 5 hours long it started out ok I had all the stuff to keep the kids entertainted but 1/2 thru the flight the kids started to be unrully and wanted off the plane. Neither of the slept at all during the flight. My son finally fell asleep as we were landing in Texas go figure! My advice to moms or dads flying solo with children have activites, IPAD OR KINDLE FOR EACH OF THEM(no fighting) and my number one piece of advice is when the stewardess or anyone offers help or comfort to a crying mom TAKE IT! Because they actually do care and have since and been thru it almost every flight they work on. Southwest Airlines was wonderful and understanding of my situation. But it will be ok. Just for future advice take someone with u to avoid all the mistakes I made but survived thru. Like I said Southwest Airlines are the most understanding when u have children even the passenger didnt mind the crying tantrums etc. So have a safe fun flight. But next time I will drive LOL
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