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Customer Reviews for Ready Set Register

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Ready Set Register

Creating a dream baby registry is bump-tingling fun. But it can also be overwhelming. What does your baby really need? How much is too much? And what will you actually find useful? These easy steps can help.
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Customer Reviews for Ready Set Register
Review 1 for Ready Set Register

Date:April 7, 2015
One thing to remember is that you can never have too many diapers and wipes! Definitely register for clothes bigger than newborn, and a range of sizes. They outgrow clothes very quickly.
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Review 2 for Ready Set Register

Date:June 12, 2012
A lot of the stores already have a broken down list of stuff you need for the baby. What I found really useful was going to the store just to look at the products and to have an idea on what I was wanting to register for. What really helped me register was asking either family members of friends who have recently had kids. They had really good tips and advice for several items, such as don't buy a whole bunch of the same bran bottle because you never know what the baby would want. So instead you would buy one of earh bottle until you find the right one. ANYWAYS..asking moms is the best thing to do...but also follow your instinct.
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Review 3 for Ready Set Register

Date:November 5, 2011
If you have hesitations about including an item on your registry because you think no one will give as a gift, remember most baby stores give you 10-20% off items on your registry that were not purchased.
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Review 4 for Ready Set Register

Date:May 15, 2011
New Moms, trust your instincts! You can do it! You have been equipped with a certain innate knowledge to nurture and take care of your pregnant body and the new baby you're carrying, and will snuggle in your arms very soon. Just slow down, take your time, and get plenty of rest. Enjoy! And angelsingh, trust your wonderful body--God made Moms' bodies to do the most awesome of duties! Just take good care of yourself!
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Review 5 for Ready Set Register

Date:December 20, 2010
I found this article to be the most helpful, however, I am at a loss for having my husband and I time to get registered. The doctors are not properly diagnosing my pregnancy and they are sending me mixed signals and I am totally confused at what they are not telling me. They say that I'm not, but actually I am pregnant. It seems to be the medical field who are the problem and that needs to tell each patient their true diagnosis.
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Review 6 for Ready Set Register

Date:November 16, 2010
I created my registry in about the third or fourth month of pregnancy, and am constantly going back and changing things on the list, and taking things off that my husband and I happened to find on clearance and decided to stock up on ourselves. I have three high-priced items on my registry and they are all things that can be used for a boy or girl just in case...
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Review 7 for Ready Set Register

Date:November 3, 2010
I definitely think that before you create a registry you should create a list. I had two singleton pregnancies and one twin pregnancy and one thing that should be said is that when you're expecting multiples you don't necessarily need two of everything. You should also look into specialty shops and see if there are items that are geared towards multiples. One item that I found handy was the twin highchair and a bottle sling that helps during feeding. I found these items at a web store called because I did my homework and asked around. Also, make sure you ENJOY creating your registry!!!
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