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Customer Reviews for Toddler Behavior Whining

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Toddler Behavior Whining

Five-step plan for silencing the whining.
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Customer Reviews for Toddler Behavior Whining
Review 1 for Toddler Behavior Whining

Date:September 3, 2012
I have been using the naughty spot (time out) since my 3 year old was @18 months. I would put him in time out for 1 min per year using a timer. So now that he is 3, he understands that he will have to sit in the naughty spot. He recently started to do this high pitched scream that really hurts my ears and sometimes gives me a headache literally so the just ignoring it doesn't work for this hurdle of toddlerhood with me. After sitting in the naughty spot a few times for this screaming, he usually stops when I warn him he will go into the naughty spot. Of course if it is nap time, I just try to ignore it and get him to bed. But when he is just trying to push the boundaries, the naughty spot usually works for him.
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Review 2 for Toddler Behavior Whining

Date:October 7, 2011
I'll really have to try that "answering back in an even more annoying voice" thing sometime! My son will follow me around screaming and whinning, but he also has a very active & happy personality. So that might actually work to calm him down and fix his attitude!
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