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Customer Reviews for Picking Up Toys

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Picking Up Toys

6 ways to get your toddlers to pick up their toys (without having to ask).
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Customer Reviews for Picking Up Toys
Review 1 for Picking Up Toys

Date:January 27, 2013
I started a routine with my son with putting his toys away before bed. It seems to be working, with the exception of his big bag of blocks, which he dumps everywhere right before he goes to bed.
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Review 2 for Picking Up Toys

Date:December 18, 2012
I have tried to get my 4 year old to pick her toys up ever since she was little and she refuses to do it i will try anything to keep the mess down
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Review 3 for Picking Up Toys

Date:October 14, 2012
my little girl is 2 years old, and she picks up all of her toys and puts them back exactly where they go because we have been teaching her this since she was old enough to understand what we were saying and we also showed her how to pick them up and she caught on very quickly
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Review 4 for Picking Up Toys

Date:August 11, 2012
thanks for this article. My youngest is always making the mess but she never wants to pick so my oldest always have to. I will def use these tips. I think I'll start today.
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Review 5 for Picking Up Toys

Date:May 1, 2012
keeping a (somewhat) routine also helps.Before dragging out more toys, musst put away toys not being played with. Before snack and lunch time toys put away.
For those of us with quite stubborn toddlers, making a game of it sometimes work. "Can you find a red colored toy? Good now do you know where it goes? Can you put away something square? How about 3 dolls?"
And well, when all else fails...I am not above bribery :) mini tootsie rolls make great rewards!
the babysitter has charts for the kids and every day that they do well they get a sticker...when they have x amount of stickers they get to pick a toy out of a treasure chest (mcd's toys work great for rewards)
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Review 6 for Picking Up Toys

Date:January 16, 2012
There is no need for all those expense toys, when your baby starts crawling around I found the best thing I could give him was 3 boxes, small, medium,& large enough so when sideways he can sit in it, the toys were finally donated to Goodwill he would not play with 75% of them, but don't touch his boxes or he;ll let you know, at night we have to put them in his room, he helps he picks up the small one with his teeth and brings it in his room, he's happy, I can pick up all his toys in 2 seconds, I'm happy.
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Review 7 for Picking Up Toys

Date:March 17, 2011
We are consistent when nap time occurs we put toys away. We are also consistent at bedtime by singing a made up song about putting toys away. We have bins that our child can open on his own but he also puts them away on his own too. The song seems to help for him to pick up and it clicks with him even at 20 months old he helps.
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